Buy reliable HWID Spoofer AQUILA for popular games

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At the time of writing, this spoofer helps in games: Warface, FiFa, Apex Legends and PUBG. If there is an uncomplicated anti-cheat in your game, Aquila will most likely help.

HWID Spoofer Aquila is an indispensable assistant that will help you return to the game after blocking your account by hardware. Many projects are now taking tough measures against cheaters, often banning them from accessing online games. There are different types of locks, for example, anti-cheats can instantly block new accounts. You can put up with this in the case of free games, but what if money was paid for the game? Many players do not want to risk their finances. There is another type of blocking, for example, errors like "Lost connection to the server" or error code 350 during the game search. In any case, it won't be easy to deal with the problem. Although spoofers do not guarantee 100% success, a combination of the right actions will help you get back into the game. Read the instructions below carefully and follow the simple recommendations.

Preparatory actions before using HWID Spoofer Aquila:

It is advisable that the spoofer launcher be on a removable drive. After using the program, remove it from the computer. One of the main tips is to change your operating system. Many games monitor various computer settings, including the username. It is important for you that HWID Spoofer copes with the task and helps you regain access. We strongly recommend installing a new version of Windows that meets the system requirements of the program. We will update the software for the new version for free.

If your router supports dynamic IP, restart it to change the IP address. An IP address is a unique identifier of your device on the Internet. An unmodified IP address sends an additional anti-cheat signal.

Delete the old folder with the game client and install it again. These actions are standard and necessary when using any HWID Spoofer.

The appearance of Aquila Spoofer