It's time to get back to your favorite game!
We will help you get rid of the hard drive lock in popular games.

Choose your game, we will offer a list of working spoofers

Everything is very simple. Choose a game in which you have a hard drive lock. We will offer working options for HWID Spoofer that may help.

Get rid of the regular blocking of new accounts.
Bypass the "Lost connection to the server"
New accounts will not be blocked for 24 hours.
It will not block new accounts that have not even been played with cheats.
Bypass the hard drive lock and shadow ban on new accounts.
You will not have to buy a new expensive account with the game EFT. It is easier to purchase a spoofer and additionally secure your computer.
One of the most difficult games in the anti-cheat framework. It is quite difficult to bypass the HWID ban, but it is possible.
Bypass the hard drive lock in the popular R6S game.
Bypass the hard disk lock, get rid of the VAN 152 error

If you haven't found the right game, consider the anti-cheat classification. Choose the most powerful spoofer, or ask for advice on contact information.

List of available Spoofer jobs

I decided to split the site into two parts. One of which is a list of games in which a spoofer can help get rid of blocking on the hard drive, the other half are the programs themselves. Perhaps you initially know why you came and there is no choice in the dilemma.

Classification by anti-cheats

If you did not find your game in the list, you can choose a spoofer, knowing the anti-cheat. This information is easy to find, Google it.

What is a Spoofer and what is it for?

There are probably a huge variety of different spoofers. And everyone can understand the meaning of this word in different ways. Because "Spoofer" literally translates as "Fake". Accordingly, the word can be applied to a large variety of situations.

But I have a gaming resource and the situation may be the same. The spoofer is used to hide, in other words, to fake computer data. In order for the game not to be able to see your original information.

Bypass the lock on the hard drive, HWID ban, on hardware. You can call it whatever you want. The essence is the same. The game is against your presence in it, because it marked a computer that violates the rules. And she began to actively fight against attempts to return you.

It can manifest itself in different ways. In some projects, you will simply be thrown out of the fight, in others you will be banned for 24 hours, in others you will see a sign "connection to the server is lost". Especially gifted game creators will send you to fight against the same cheaters, and then they will ban you. And they will issue a so-called "shadow ban" when the game is constantly looking for a fight. The spoofer hides or modifies the data of the device on which it was launched.

They can be used not only to bypass the existing lock. It can be turned on for additional protection of the device, so that the game does not identify the source data of the computer.

In general, our programs can be used not only for video games. It is quite possible that you just need to change the device data in order to circumvent the restrictions in any program. There can be a huge variety of applications.

What kind of spoofers are there?

You can classify it as you like. I will try to convey the information to you as simply and in an understandable language as possible.

Permanent spoofer:

Some people call it permanent. From the word permanens - permanent. For many, it would be an ideal option. A spoofer that changes computer data on an ongoing basis. I paid once and the problem is solved.

Such programs are very rare in our field. Because, anti-cheats, game developers have made a huge step forward in the fight against cheater offenders. A lot of components and computer data are fixed. It's hard to believe, but there are some shooters that even track the monitor, mouse and keyboard. It is extremely difficult for a permanent spoofer to change all this.

The driver:

A program that changes your device's data using a driver. Then when it is running. Open the spoofer and it triggers. Restart the computer - the hardware data returns to its original state. The disadvantage of such software is that they need to be constantly used. But they are the most effective. Basically, these are the ones on the site. Such programs can be used with cheats. Usually run: cheat - spoofer game. When you plan to close, restart the PC and the data returns to its original state. At this start, the cheat's binding will not fly off. But there may be other options.

Statistical driver:

A spoofer that assigns some data to you. The original ones are forged, but you get new ones. This option is convenient if spoofer asks you to restart your computer all the time. The cheat is linked to new, modified components and the activation key does not fly off. There are not many such spoofers. But they are there.

Dynamic driver mode:

Each time spoofer outputs new unique hardware data. After a reboot, the information about the computer returns to its original state.

What information can he change?

There are a lot of variations of how spoofers work. Basically, the creators analyze the behavior of the game and adjust the program.

  • BIOS Serial Numbers;
  • Processor ID;
  • Video card IDs.
  • Serial numbers of the motherboard;
  • Serial numbers of RAM;
  • Disk Numbers (HDD/SSD/NVMe/M2);
  • GUID of sections;
  • MAC Address Network Adapter;
  • PCI devices;
  • Windows Product Serial Numbers;
  • Registry;
  • Some people clean the logs;
  • And a lot of other data.
It is important to know before using

Programs for hiding and changing data are not omnipotent. They are powerful, effective, but often do not know how to do much.

Be prepared for the fact that you may need to change Windows. Or at least create a new user on the computer and play with it. In the worst scenarios, you will need to take down the operating system to zero, deleting all data. This is usually an extreme measure when nothing helps. In addition, spoofers do not know how to change the IP address of a computer. This is the task of other programs.

Don't forget that spoofers also violate the rules of the game. Despite the fact that they are not injected directly. Bypassing the lock on the hard drive is a constant continuous struggle of cheaters with the system. Therefore, be patient, ammo and time. It is not always possible to achieve a quick result.