Buy an effective private HWID spoofer Hyper for games with anti-cheats EAC and BattlEye

You can purchase a Hyper spoofer online on our website

Efficient private HWID Spoofer Hyper. Helps bypass hard drive blocking in games with EAC and BattlEye anti-cheats. It works like a driver until you restart the computer. After a reboot, the computer's data returns to its original state.

Basically, game spoofers are made by cheat developers themselves. They need to offer something to users who are locked out of their hard drive. This case is no exception. Hyper was created by a fairly well-known programmer whose arsenal includes a dozen cheats for popular games.

I consulted with him before posting the product. I received a list of games in which the program was tested and where it was effective.

Escape from Tarkov;

Apex Legends;

PUBG helps, but often you need to reinstall Windows.

Fortnite - you definitely need to reinstall Windows;

RUST helps, but often you need to reinstall Windows.

Warface - helps, even with video card blocking.

Hunt: Showdown;


Farlight 84;

They simply haven’t tested it in other games, but it can help just as much.

Supported anti-cheats:

EasyAntiCheat : Undetected

BattlEye: Undetected

MRAC: Undetected

RicoChet AC : Undetected

Valve AC: Undetected

System requirements:

Game client: Steam;

Processors: Intel and AMD;

Operating systems: Windows 10-11 (2004 - Last);

Video card: Nvidia and Amd;