A working HWID Spoofer from the SMG team for anti-cheat games BattleEye

The appearance of the SMG spoofer

You can purchase SMG Spoofer BE online on our website

SMG spoofer is a high-quality software that helps to bypass the hard disk lock in anti-cheat games BattleEye. For the most part, it is used in the Escape from Tarkov shooter. He has helped hundreds of users in EFT. Quite powerful, and most importantly effective. Its developers are the creators of many popular projects. Which are also posted on our website.

System requirements:
Operating systems: Windows 10 and 11;
Processors: Intel and AMD;
Anti-cheat: BattleEye.

  • BIOS serials;
  • CPU serials;
  • Motherboard serials;
  • RAM serials;
  • HDD/SSD/NVMe/M2 serials;
  • Partition GUIDs;
  • Network Adapter MAC addresses;
  • PCI devices;
  • Windows Product serials;
  • Registry.
An additional cleaner is built into the software, which:
  • clears logs from BattleEye bans in Windows;
  • clears the logs of the Escape From Tarkov (EFT) game;
  • bypasses the ban of developers in the EFT launcher.